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Valerie Gillespie Ensemble Celebrates Women’s History | The Palladium Side Door @ St. Petersburg...

APRIL 30, 2018 by JAYNE DROOGER This particular Thursday was a night to remember at The Palladium’s Side Door when renowned Saxophonist Valerie Gillespie shared the...

Jazz@StyleQuarterly | Jazz From A New Point Of View

Jazz@StyleQuarterly Jazz@StyleQuarterly seeks to discover the hidden flavors and treasures of Jazz from coast to coast and around the world. Our premise is to provide a thriving platform...

Stiletto Jazz | The Ladies Of Jazz Are Coming To Style Quarterly

Erecting a Stage for the Arts to Thrive. "The great luminaries of female jazz vocalists of the 20th century - Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and...

Check Out Steven Tyler’s Sweet New Country Song ‘Red, White and You’

Steven Tyler has dropped another clue about what his forthcoming country debut will sound like and this time he's in a patriotic mood. Earlier today...

Los Angeles To Build World’s Most Expensive Stadium Complex | CNN

(CNN) Los Angeles will welcome the return of NFL football with the construction of a new 80,000-seat stadium complex and "NFL Disney World," expected...

Style Quarterly Radio – The New Luxury

You're invited to stop by and listen to a unique blend of mesmerizingly delicious sounds at our exclusive radio station Style Quarterly Radio.com via our 24x7 internet channel....

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