Brazilian Jazz Artist GUAI Delivers A Unique Style That’s Turning Heads And Opening Ears


There are albums that are born classic and easily integrate into great works of Brazilian Popular Music. These are great musical achievements of our Brazilian music artists. The music is bright, colorful, full of gusto, exuberant, and most of all hyperbolic. It is impossible not to highlight the solar content of the music. The sunshine, luminosity, heat and ocean waves are everywhere to be seen in Brazilian music. We are talking about Dama de Paus album, debut of Brazilian singer GUAI: a cosmopolitan singer from Salvador, capital city of the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Dama de Paus is a bold work, a conceptual style of Jazz that is sure to please. Most incredible, independent one. GUAI stands out for the conscious choice of building an authentically Brazilian sound by fusing different rhythms and influences - from samba to bossa nova, from polyrhythmic to melody, from Brazil to Africa, from Pop to Jazz. As Caetano Veloso sang so well, it is not deaf but has a musical ear. It is the good part that fits us here in this great land. It's a royal celebration, a living symbol of Brazil,

GUAI is an artist by birth - her father is a pianist and her mother used to sing - she is the fairest measure of a music interpreter. Her music has an exceptional ability to fuse the old with the Contemporary, taking many unpredictable paths along the way. GUAI gives life to every syllable, every note, and provides new great meaning to poetry. She creates a more-than-perfect environment for the listeners enjoyment. Her vocal is an incomparable exciting adventure. GUAI has her own way and her own particular artistic expression- She is also rhythm, dance, gaze and most of all sensuality. Hearing her sing is an experience to remember.

It should be no surprise that Dama de Paus has incited famous Brazilian artists worldwide to offer favorable opinions of GUAI´s work, and her music has warned her many nominations of musical awards in Brazil and Portugal. Roberto Menescal, originator of the Bossa Nova, says this: "I haven't heard anything similar to this in Brazilian Popular Music. A work rich and full of detail. I listen to it repeatedly. It's among the top three albums in my car. Impeccable". Also, the master singer/songwriter Ivan Lins says: "No doubt it is a super album. GUAI is an outstanding singer." It is essential to see her, to watch her videos and to enjoy all of the material on her YouTube channel to have a deeper impact of her music.

GUAI goes deep into existence by embracing her mission of singing. She brings an exuberant combination of flavors that makes her a promise for the increasingly demanding international market. GUAI is more than original: She is multifaceted, diverse, singular and plural. | @GUAImusik


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