Saxophonist Chris Godber’s New Album is Heating Up The Airwaves And Gaining Momentum


Saxophonist Chris Godber is on top of the world and jazz enthusiasts are breathing easier as they enjoy his soulful R&B sounds! In fact, Godber is a beacon of hope for everyone who believes in the power of prayer. In 1990, doctors told Chris’s parents that their 5-year-old son’s dream to play musical instruments were for naught – asthma challenged his every breath. Not letting anyone deter his desire to play his beloved instruments, which today include the soprano and tenor saxophone, piano, keyboard and acoustic guitar, his prayers were answered. He triumphantly turned his diagnosis of asthma into the sweet sound of JAZZ-ma!

In 2009, the smooth jazz artist dedicated the name of his album, One Breath at a Time, featuring the hits, One Breath at a Time, Jericho, & Redemption as a testimony to anyone ever given a heart-rending diagnosis or undergoing a challenge. Never shall we give up, nor lose faith – relax and breathe. Of honorable mention, Chris’s release, When Angels Sing, from his 2006, self-titled album, Chris Godber, brings you to your knees in glory and exultation.

Leaps and bounds above other sax players, without question, Chris Godber is one of the most prolific artists of the new millennium. The celebration of smooth jazz continues with Godber’s seventh album, 2018’s Momentum, with special guests Adam Hawley and Bob Baldwin. The album features the electrifying and dynamic soulful sound of his hit release, Momentum. His finesse and sophistication are in the details and the popular hit Escuchame (Spanish for ‘listen to me’) has you imagining that Chris is conceivably serenading you – Maravilloso! A groove to make you move, comes by way of the crowd-pleasing hits, Sizzle, Rolling, Chips & Salsa, Energy and Downtown Shuffle; sultry songs sure to make you ask your partner to the dance floor!

Godber’s unique style of co-mingling the influences of gospel, soul and R&B into his musical arrangements creates a divine symphony from his lips to God’s ears! His cameo appearance in Ken Powe’s, Everything I Miss at Home ft. Chris Godber, is proof that the boisterous saxophone is an instrument that can be coddled and teased into a smooth and silky crooner.

A pillar in his community, Chris’s contributions are awe-inspiring. Many people are quickly learning that the saxophonist extraordinaire is also a Respiratory Therapist. He often brings comfort to many patients by playing for them at the center where he volunteers his time. His uplifting mantra is “be blessed, not stressed.” He is a staple at jazz festivals and fund-raisers. One such event was Jazz for Vets; a collaborative fund-raising event with other jazz artists. The group raised money and donated all the proceeds to the Gulf Coast State College Foundation/Military Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund.

Often referred to as a “saxier” version of Kenny G., Chris notes his predecessor as one of his musical influences, along with Grover Washington, Jr., Dave Thrush, Sam Levine, Angela Christie, Boney James, Kirk Whalum, Brian Culbertson. His performances include playing alongside Ken Powe, Mindy Abair, Gerald Albright, Jackiem Joyner, The Dancing With The Stars band, Marc Anderson, Snarky Puppy and other amazing artists. Godber is truly “God-sent” indeed. Much to the elation of gospel enthusiast worldwide, Chris recently announced that he is creating a gospel EP-soon to be released in mid-2018. Topping the charts for over 22 years, let it be known that Chris Godber is smooth jazz royalty and the world must stop, look and listen with great MOMENTUM. You can purchase Chris’s music from your favor music service and hear him on Style Quarterly Radio ( and Watercolors on Sirius XM, Channel 66.

Written By: Franchette Farley, a freelance Writer out of Aberdeen, MD.

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