About Style Quarterly


Style Quarterly thrives to connect vendors, suppliers and customers together through the most innovative, creative and effective quality products, services and ideas. We aim to provide customers with a library of unique products, their associated retailers and means for customers to connect with them. If the product is unique, innovative, creative, and exciting, then we endeavour to make it available to our customers. We also supply our own selection of innovative products using the same platform.

Style Quarterly offers a wide range of lifestyle products including, but not limited to, fashion, apparel, home decor, electronics, health and wellness products, beauty products, fitness products, recreational and travel products and the list continues. Products are offered in selected e-commerce sites, and, of course through our website at StyleQuarterly.com and Style Quarterly Digital Magazine.

Teamwork is the basis and foundation of Style Quarterly’s success. As we continue to grow, we rely on our team of suppliers to grow along with us. With dedicated cooperation from both sides – Style Quarterly and its suppliers - we are able to work together and coordinate all operations to achieve the efficient movement of products from the warehouse or retailers to our customers.

Our goal is to build our reputation as an iconic American brand and our choices in products introduce creations that bring value, function and fun while improving people’s way of life. Chances are that our products are unique and never before seen in the market but once introduced customers just won’t be able to imagine life without them.



Style Quarterly is dedicated to bringing the latest news and trends from across the world. We keep  you up to date with the hottest in modern art and architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, technology, and, fashion. Once you’ve taken a peek at its content, it would be hard to walk away from it! Our magazine is chock-full of fascinating and exciting material that you will repeatedly go through for wonderful ideas to incorporate into your lifestyle. Visit Style Quarterly Magazine.


In an effort to enhance customers’ shopping experience and advance mutual business growth, Style Quarterly partners with selected companies and websites. Our goal is to achieve mutual success and growth from the partnerships and in meeting this goal we employ online marketing programs and product placement strategies.

If you feel that Style Quarterly and/or website can contribute and improve our ability to better service and acquire our customers, and would like to be considered for a partnership or affiliate program with Style Quarterly, please submit your proposal using our email form.

We thank you in advance for your interest in Style Quarterly.


Our aim is to serve our customers with the highest quality products at the best possible value. Our selected worldwide retailers and suppliers hold the same values and commitment to excellence as our own. While we take every care to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations, we also seek lasting vendor relationships allowing us and our partners to prosper.

Teamwork for Success

Our team of suppliers are carefully selected and are defined by the needs and expectations of both parties. We employ a set of high standards to be met in processing purchase orders which aim to deliver products to customers’ doorsteps as efficiently and quickly as possible. We also employ customised packaging to swiftly move incoming products through our automated receiving system. Suppliers are required to comply to ensure mutual success.

Joint Ventures in Product Exclusives

While we’re constantly searching for exclusive products for our customers to associate with the Style Quarterly name, we also develop products should we not find what we look for. We often partner with trade professionals and suppliers in putting our concepts to work and creating final quality innovative products. In most cases, our partners gain and depend on our partnership for their future growth.

Besides developing our own products, Style Quarterly also encourages both existing and potential suppliers to approach us with unique ideas and products that warrant our customers’ attention. If the idea and concept suit, then we’ll work hand-in-hand to develop customised options to fit the needs of our target markets. Our suppliers’ manufacturing expertise is invaluable and important in creating our private labels, Style Quarterly exclusives, and proprietary product lines.  A secure and confidential relationship will see both of us reach mutual benefits.

Submission of Product Ideas

Style Quarterly will consider all exciting products and ideas for inclusion in Style Quarterly Magazine. All submissions of product and idea consideration must be in writing on your organisation’s letterhead and accompanied by any relevant brochures or print material that may further clarify and promote the features and benefits of your offered item(s).

Please send all your submissions to the following address:

If your product or ideas meet our current merchandising needs and standards of quality, we will further contact you for detailed discussion on impending business opportunities.


StyleQuarterly.com wants your online shopping experience to be as pleasant as possible. Should you experience any problems while using our website, we would appreciate you letting us know via email.

Please include the following information to help us rectify the issue soonest possible:

  1. Date and approximate time when you experienced the problem
  2. Type and version of web browser you use (i.e. Internet Explorer 9.0+, Mozilla Firefox 4.0+, Google Chrome etc.)
  • Any error messages you received (Note: Please copy and paste this text verbatim from the error page)

Your help and cooperation is much appreciated.


Style Quarterly welcomes all press and media queries and endeavour to assist all members of the press and media promptly with all required information. Please contact us to arrange for an interview with our resident Product Specialist, or any requests for information on our product ideas, samples, catalogues, or magazine.  All inquiries may be directed to: Service@StyleQuarterly.com