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"The great luminaries of female jazz vocalists of the 20th century - Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn (to name a few) - give the impression that gender posed no obstacles in the phenomenon of this era. Female jazz vocalists were able to enjoy successful careers and worldwide popularity and posterity, however female jazz instrumentalists were less fortunate. The perception that "women can't play jazz" exposes the discrimination that prevailed in the early development of jazz." - Source: Wikipedia


StilettoJazz_Singer2Our mission and general idea by way of Stiletto Jazz is to craft a stage that reveals the vast array of musical multiplicity, styles and creativity that could only emanate from the contributions that female jazz musicians, writers, influencers and etcetera are making throughout the world of jazz today. It’s great to see that many of the barriers, stigmas and negative interferences that have plagued the thoughts of many have been shattered and eradicated and that women are thriving in the world of jazz unlike ever before.

We applaud the tenacity, fortitude and remarkable offerings that female artists, past and present have exhibited and deposited into the hearts and minds of all walks throughout the decades.

We’re anticipating that other like-minded individuals will intersect with us as we seek to discover and share our new findings concerning Jazz’s jazzy women of today. And by the way, if you happen to run across a female jazz musician who catches your eye or ear whom you may find intriguing please feel free to let us know - your support would be greatly appreciated.

Side note: Periodically we will release our Mystery Cover Girl Editions of Stiletto Jazz Magazine as a preview of what’s on the horizon and what you can expect inside the next issue as a means to generate discussion, buzz or simply as a nudge within the jazz community letting you know when to chime in.

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