Legendary Drummer Lenny White’s IYOUWE Universe Podcast Now Available | By Scott Thompson

By Scott Thompson
The brand new interview podcast, IYOUWE Universe, is out now on all major podcast hosts! Hosted by Lenny White, the podcast delivers candid interviews with some of music's most influential figures.
IYOUWE Universe Podcast now available!

Click here to hear the new IYOUWE Universe Podcast.


First three episodes:
Ron Carter | Mike Clark | DJ Logic

New episodes will become available every Tuesday!

Listen now on:
iTunes | Google Play Music | Stitcher Radio

“When I listened to the radio growing up, I heard all kinds of music. I came to realize that my music had no boundaries… and that is our mission.”—Lenny White


IYOUWE is a musical collective created by Lenny White to promote real music in an ever-changing cultural terrain. The collective includes musicians, singers, poets, and rappers. Although many styles of music are embraced by this group, artists at IYOUWE are responding to the urgent need for a culture that has values and values freedom. Our first intention is to present music that inspires, provokes and finds a groove for you. To do this, the artists need to engage audiences and audiences needs to support the artists. This is the simple economy of IYOUWE. With your support, IYOUWE will continue to provide new music for you, and you help keep IYOUWE continually moving forward. IYOUWE will provide music for listening, songs for singing, grooves for dancing, words for conscious growth: music that challenges your imagination. If we build our success, IYOUWE will become a musical collective with open membership. I, the artist and YOU the audience grow and share together as WE connect.

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