Why your gym hopes you won’t go


The average Australian gym-goer spends about $72 per month on their membership.

The majority don't go as much as they thought they would, if at all. And, it turns out, gyms are banking on you not turning up.

Membership sales spike as much as 40 per cent at this time of year as people look to kickstart a healthy new year. But, about 54 per cent of gym members don't turn up much, according to a new survey by consumer research group, Canstar Blue.


"It's mostly a lack of time that prevents people from using the gym as much as they thought they would, but there are a range of other factors that put people off," says head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle, who notes that many members also feel intimidated by gyms and don't like working out in front of other...

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