Chicago launches its first Architecture Biennial

Time now to salute one American city's towering achievements. We speak of Chicago, and a skyline that attracts admirers by the boatload. With Anna Werner, we join the sightseers:

If Broadway hits the heights, and Hollywood tops the box office, then you might say Chicago towers above them all -- for its architecture.

Considered the birthplace of the modern skyscraper, the city has made architecture one of its main tourist attractions. On any given day, dozens of architecture tours wind through the city's waterways and streets. The buildings are considered works of art ... and their designers are treated as directors are in Hollywood.

"Do architects get more respect in Chicago than they do in other places?" asked Werner.

"I think so," replied architect Jeanne Gang. "We don't have movie stars or the film industry."

"You got Michael Jordan!" ...Read full article


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