Why It’s Critical for the Next Gen to Be Tech Creators Not Consumers


ACCORDING TO AYAH Bdeir, technology is the language of our time. The 33-year-old founder and CEO of littleBits likes to compare the engineers of today to the clergy of the Middle Ages, who controlled access to knowledge and power via their monopoly over the use and understanding of the written word. Today’s engineers have a special kind of social and technological influence, which derives from their understanding of the stuff that makes our everyday gadgets work. If our lives today depend on technology, then those who truly understand it have an outsized influence over the rest of us. In Bdeir’s view, littleBits—a range of Lego-like electronic circuits that can be used by virtually anyone to innovate their own gadgets—isn’t just a plaything, it’s an aid to achieving widespread tech literacy. You might even think of littleBits as a democratizing project.

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